ACCRMA has set up a Scientific Committee, made up of civil society leading figures close to the core business of the company (university professors, consultants, directors of insurance companies).

This committee aims at enlightening ACCRMA on the current developments of insurance brokering and affinity marketing.

It can thus make studies around these two subjects available to ACCRMA, and offer the Company a theoretical and critical framework based on research carried out on the marketing and distribution of affinity insurance.

The Committee is made up of professionals who are recognised in their sectors, in which work is carried out in intercultural management fields, change management, partnership development, with a strong integration into the practice of Insurance.

This group is appointed for a period of three years. It is designed to offer an analytical view, and to advise the Company and allow a shared development.


Jean-Michel Courtant

Jean-Michel-Courtant1-150x150More than 20 years of experience in insurance and services associated with BtoC and BtoB, managerial, technical and marketing business functions (part-time teacher in Universities and Business Schools) with a strong interest in building long-lasting and value-creating partnerships.

After having thus worked for large Private Insurance Groups, Jean Michel Courtant decided in 2013 to pursue his path under another form of meaningful commitment, passionate and in resonance with the problems society has: longevity, dependency, access to care, health, social welfare, disability-incapacity death coverage… As he has deep belief that if insurance is a fabulous device of creating value, then he also has a big role to play in social matters. It is therefore completely natural that Jean-Michel Courtant joined the ACCRMA’s Scientific Committee to share these values and to take part in a Company project and a Human project.

Sophie Goulvestre

sophie-goulvestre-laureate-du-prix-fondation-hec-2010-ex-masteres_image_internal_page-150x150Graduate of Fudan and of HEC, Sophie Goulvestre has worked for more than 12 years in the insurance sector (Life and Damages). Starting as a consultant, then a manager of Customer Service projects (administration of Unit of Account contracts, Electronic Management of Documents project) or projects relating to the governance of insurance companies (mapping, optimisation and controlling risks, repository of job profiles for a single and secure access to company “core business” applications, analysis of operational management indicators, writing of notes on the economic situation…). Originally from Shanghai, and in France for almost 15 years, Sophie Goulvestre perfectly understands French and Chinese cultures. She is one of the founders of the HEC China forum, and is the treasurer of the China 4D association.

She joined ACCRMA slightly after it was established, to develop affinity activity with Chinese communities present or passing through France.

Jérome Sallard

Jerome-Sallard1-150x150Jérome Sallard has been in strategic consulting over the last 20 years. He has extensive experience in strategic analysis and client guidance, in the definition and implementation of ambitious projects gained within the Arkwright Group (spin-off of Bain & Co), Mercer Management Consulting, CAPA Conseil, Olivier Wyman. He is the holder of an MBA HEC 98. Moreover, he is an ENSIC engineer and holder of a Post-Graduate Diploma from the Institut National Polytechnique in Lorraine.
He is currently an associated Director of Octen Consulting, a Paris-based consulting firm with a strong focus on Insurance matters.

Aoyu Wei

Aoyu-WeiAoyu Wei is a Professor of Chinese History at the Université Paris III and Interpreting and Translation at the École Supérieure d’Interprètes et de Traducteurs (Paris)
Professor Aoyu Wei also teaches intercultural management at HEC, at CELSA, at the École Supérieure de Commerce of Rouen and at the École de Management of Caen and of Le Havre.
During his career, he has carried out research on Chinese thought and philosophy at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), as well as the EHESS.


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