ACCRMA (Assurances Courtage Conseil Risk Management Associés) is an insurance broker, specialising in setting up affinity insurance for communities.

Because insurance allows you to live your lives in total peace, we believe in an insurance suited to each one of you.

Our role as broker allows us to achieve guarantees and services offered by the main actors in the market, with one single concern: to offer you the insurance which suits you. Whether it be by telephone, or online, our advisors will be there to answer you and guide you.

Whether you are an Individual, Craftsperson or Retail Trader, Company Director, we will always concentrate our efforts in finding the most suitable insurance solution for your needs.

ACCRMA was created after having observed the constant development and sophistication of insurance products, to answer a consumer need of being able to buy insurance products which matched their needs and gather them together. These products are developed with our insurance partners, and aim at setting up offers suited to Communities, and Affinity Groups with which we regularly work, and which we know through our contact within these communities.

At ACCRMA, we see our role of broker as a way of strengthening links between France and foreign communities, and expatriates present in France.

As a matter of example, we also assist companies willing to set themselves up in France on aspects connected with their activity and their people (health cover, disability-incapacity death coverage scheme, operational loss, protection of electronic data…), and also on Business and Public liability insurance (Director and Officers liability insurance, environmental liability insurance, general third party liability insurance).

Our aim is to allow foreign companies setting up in France to be guided over the long-term, and to achieve insurance cover which is the most suited to their specific needs.

Likewise, in our approach regarding “Entrepreneurs” and company directors, who make up an affinity Group as such, we promote offers which are specifically suited to their roles and specific risk whatever their profession, or industries.

Thus, as regards Directors and Officers Liability, our aim is to inform our partners in order to make sure situations do not develop, which could jeopardise the company’s mid to long-term position.

With our values of listening and availability, we stay close to our clients, which allows long-lasting and shared development.

We are passionate through a desire to give our clients personalised and long-lasting guidance, based on strong values of responsiveness and listening. Focusing our development on people, is focusing our development on You.



For insurance of your goods and your family, come and discover our adjustable offers.

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For additional health insurance adapted to your needs (Ongoing care, Hospitalisation, dental, optical …), come and discover our adjustable offers, adapted to your needs and your budget.

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Craftspersons, Retail traders, Accredited professionals, company directors, your insurance needs come together for a relevant protection of goods and persons related to your activity.

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You are a student and are planning a stay abroad

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You want to come to France and obtain health cover (up to 1 year, renewable)

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